Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lea Michele Goes Topless for Marie Claire UK

Giving fans a glimpse of her risque side, Lea Michele stripped down for a sexy photo shoot adorning the pages of the November 2010 issue of Marie Claire UK.

The covergirl for the monthly magazine, Miss Michele opened up about topics such as how Glee makes her feel beautiful, her infamous nose and nine tattoos, and also how she's a lightweight when it comes to booze.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


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Producer Percept Picture Company, T-Series
Director Nagesh Kukunoor
Music Salim Merchant
Writer Nagesh Kukunoor
Release Date 27-Aug-2010

Movie Report

Aashayein is a film directed by director Nagesh kukunoor. He is known to make films which talk about the real stories and spirit of life. This film is another attempt by the filmmaker on the same lines. Aashayein is not a bad film at all but at the same time it may not be called a good film either.

Rahul (John Abrahim) is a compulsive gambler who has always been on the losing side but finally lady luck smiles and he wins a jackpot of Rs. 3 crore, no less! He throws a party for his close friends and proposes marriage to his long standing girlfriend Nafisa (Sonal Sehgal). While she accepts it, he collapses on the ground. Doctors diagnose him with lung cancer. Knowing well he has just 3 months in hands to leave, he doesn't want to make a mess of Nafisa's life so leaves her leaving behind a huge bagful of money.

He heads straight to a hospice in Pondicherry to spend rest of his remaining days. After donating big fat sum to the hospice head (Prateeksha Lonkar) Rahul gets to stay in the hospice but on the condition that he will follow their rules. Out there he encounters a retired banker, G. Parthasarthi (Girish Karnad) who has lost his ability to speak, a middle-aged, high class, ex-prostitute, Madhu (Farida Jalal) who has AIDS, a 17-year-old rude but high spirited cancer patient, Padma (Anaitha Nair) and a child, Govinda (Ashwin Chitale), who loves comics, and possess spiritual powers.

How Rahul's approach towards his journey towards his inevitable death changes and how he manages to make a vital difference in the lives of all those he encounters at the hospice forms the rest part of the film.

Performance wise, John delivers a better performance than his previous works.Sonal Sehgal is okay. Girish Karnad, Farida Jalal and Prateeksha Lonkar are perfect. Ashwin Chitale as Govinda is natural. Anaitha Nair is just superb.

On the whole Aashayein is just an average film. Good to watch once.